We welcome orders from overseas and we ship our dolls worldwide. / Time Roman备有可以用英文交流的支持系统,因此也能应对海外客户。 本店承办国外订购和寄送。(全世界)

We offer services in English as well to support customers from anywhere in the world.
We welcome orders from overseas and we ship our dolls worldwide.

We accept various credit cards on our online shop (please proceed from your shopping cart).
As for the shipping cost, we will calculate it after your order is placed, then adjust and charge the final amount
(including the shipping cost to your country) to your credit card.

【Method of International Shipping】
EMS (Postal Express Mailing Service)

Email: info@timeroman.com
*If you have any questions, please inquire by email. Please do not use the direct message
(DM) of Instagram.
*Questions are answered in English or Japanese.

*We ship to countries and regions which accept packages from Japan.
Please check the shipping condition of your country / region prior to the order.
*It may take as long as two months to get packages from Japan in some countries due to COVID.
*For scheduled doll exhibitions, your order will be cancelled if you make a purchase
of a doll before its online shop starts.
– please check out our Instagram, social media or blogs for the rules and when each exhibition starts.
*We will be able to ship out via international forwarding companies, if you have an account with them.


Time Roman备有可以用英文交流的支持系统,因此也能应对海外客户。



* 如果您有任何疑问,请直接通过电子邮件与我们联系,而不是通过Instagram直接发送信息。
* 电子邮件可以使用英文或日文。

* 关于订购,仅限可以寄送的地区。
* 有些国家或地区,由于受新冠肺炎疫情影响,交货可能需要大约2个月的时间。
* 关于在展览会(企划展)上出售的作品,即使您在网上购物销售开始受理时间之前购买(放入购物车)也将变成无效(取消),敬请留意。
* 我们也接受通过把日本邮购网站的商品送到世界各地的代送服务公司的订购。